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Boys of Superior Standard

Community Leaders. Loving Husbands. Great Fathers

To instill in young black men a strong sense of responsibility and value for the community in which they live that causes them to go be agents of change through being a faithful husband, a selfless father, and a loving neighbor.

Join us in the Work

Our program can’t continue without the generousity of people like you. Please consider donating to help build our young men.

Good Neighbor

We don’t just want to live in our communities. We want to transform and maintain them. BOSS students learn how they can refrain from being dormant and learn how to effect change.

Loving Husband

Many black children are growing up in single parent homes. This contributes to the breakdown in the family structure. BOSS students learn to cultivate the desire to husband who loves and leads their wives selflessly.

Great Fathers

Many of our children are growing up without fathers or, if they know him, it’s not as deeply as they ought. BOSS students will learn that it is very important that they love their child’s mother and that they be physically and emotionally present at all times.

Drop Us a Line

If you want to learn how to get involved, have a donation, or even want your son a part of this program then let us know. We’d be happy to speak with you.