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What is BOSS?

We are Boys of Superior Standard

Raising Leaders, Husbands, and Fathers

In a word, BOSS is a leadership program at Tates Creek Middle School for African American boys who could use the little extra relational support from black men.


It is no secret that the centuries of treacherous history that African Americans have in United States has left a legacy that has (and still is) greatly affecting black people especially black men. The organizers of B.O.S.S. lay this fact to heart and are convinced that fighting this lasting legacy is not fought on Capitol Hill, in Frankfort, or even in the school system’s politics. We believe wholeheartedly that black men have to deny themselves the luxury of selfish ambition to become fathers to the fatherless, spiritual surgeons of deep wounds, and large stone pillars to support the, often complicated, black family dynamic.


What it is Not

We have little desire for B.O.S.S. to be a behavior center for bad boys. Although all boys, black and white, have a measure of behavioral problems (and when it comes to black boys many have them due to problems mentioned in the Scope), we are not an extension of the MLK Alternative School Program. We are not looking for the bad kids at Tates Creek Middle. With that being said, it will not be beyond our mission to seek out the kind of boys who are frequently in S.A.F.E. because we know that there are some students who frequent there because they are missing the extra support that we exist to provide.

Though we may have study halls, we have little desire to be a tutoring program. We believe that our boys are more than capable to handle the expected academic challenges that is required of them. If they are failing in any subject, we believe that it’s in large to a lack of positive consistent black male leadership in their lives.

Our Plans

We plan to meet with the boys who have been accepted into the program once a week for two hours per meeting. The content of these meetings will be centered around conversations that every boy needs to have with a man he trusts. We will cover topics ranging from identity, to finances, to girls, and to conflict resolution. We also plan on taking them on trips that will help them expand their worldview and that will give them a broader outlook on life through various educational experiences.