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Last Tuesday, we had a ball! I was able to take BOSS to my Alma Mater, Kentucky State University for the day. This was without a doubt our biggest trip of the year. The purpose? I wanted them to get a first hand experience of what college life is like. They were able to form a more accurate view of what they should expect when they step foot on campus.

Our Agenda:
Sit in on a class. When we first arrived, we were invited to sit in a chemistry class in progress. Although we were late (because of me), the professor was very welcoming. He engaged the boys in dialogue and shared his passion for teaching with them. He also encouraged them to use science to change the world!

I began to give them a short tour of the campus. I showed them where I used to have most of my classes. I showed them the dorms and the library. We were able to visit the President’s office. For some reason they thought I was talking about the President of the United States (lol!). Unfortunately, the president was too tied up to come greet us or he would have. Maybe we’ll catch him next year.

Since this week is Campaign week, the school hosted a parade through the middle of the campus. Those running for Student Government, got into cars paraded in front of the student body. They threw out a lot of candy. Needless to say, the boys were very happy about that.

We got to sit in on one of KSU’s Convocations. The speaker was telling everyone the importance of fatherhood in the lives of children. When we walked in, we were immediately noticed by the speaker and he asked us to introduce ourselves. This was the first time the boys got to do their chant in public. The moderator was so impressed and moved that he made provisions for us to eat in the cafeteria for free!

Lastly, I showed them the remainder of the campus buildings and we closed the day out with some basketball. My team won 😉.