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The Mentors

These are the men who will be molding your sons into boys of superior standard.


I’m Andre Thomas the head mentor here at BOSS. During the day I’m an employee of Fayette County Public Schools’ technology department as a programmer/developer. I also a small business owner, owning a photography and videography business that serves families and small businesses.

Over the past few years, I have had a growing burden to help African Americans in Lexington, particularly through working with young men and boys of color (tweens and teens). My burden grows even deeper as I grow in my understanding of my Christian faith, realizing that the Lord hates the “dishonest scales” imposed by humanity (the elite over the oppressed), and also realizing that the Lord loves (restorative) justice. So, while personally witnessing the plight of African Americans in the U.S., I can’t help but to take action myself—believing that if common people (mainly black men, especially Christian black men) do not stand up to oppose this systemic oppression then the problem will persist exponentially. 

By God’s grace, in college, Thomas met his first mentor, Curtis Woods, who drastically changed his life through what some call “life on life” discipleship. He did not meet Curtis through joining a special program; instead, it was Curtis’ willingness to stretch out an informal hand of fellowship that fostered this mentoring relationship. Slowly Mr. Woods would set Thomas on a completely different path—a new path—which has lead him to be that man he is today—a man of action. And because of this informal mentorship, Thomas is most interested in the mentoring of this kind. He desires not to come into a volunteer space–serve time, and leave–but to be holistically immersed and fully engaged in the lives of young black men.

Thomas is an alumni of Kentucky’s HBCU, Kentucky State University (KSU). He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics. During his four years there, he served as a member, team leader, and President of KSU’s Baptist Campus Ministry. During his senior year, he served as 1st Attendant to Mr. KSU. He also tutored students in math at KSU’s Academic Center for Excellence.

Thomas currently lives 2 minutes from the Tates Creek campus with his lovely wife of three years, Porsha Thomas. They together, as the Lord wills, hope to breathe life into the African American community in the Tates Creek area